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Personal weapon upgrade % to +5


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Make it 100% pls (with trina). You can leave the rest items on 90%, but you can only get 2x personal a month max and to +5 with trina on most of the servers it's 100% anyway.


Ps.:  I just did my 1000 monthly kill, resetted the 2x personal and both of them burnt to +5 in a row, with trinas used on both, which is really dumb. 90% gg. Overall so far 3x of my personals burnt to +5 and the rest 2x to +6  used trina on all of them after +4.


Obviously i'm not happy, but the suggestion isn't out of frustration, it would be welcomed to not burn an item to +5 if you are using trina on them and can get only 2 of them every month.

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