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Make every 10th or 20th wave relatively hard at FT.


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Nothing super hardcore, but strong / dangerous enough to get afkers killed and force people to do something before volcanic rock aswell.


Currently the main problem is, aside from the very last mob (Volcanic Rock), FT is so freaking easy, 2-4 people could complete the whole thing while watching porn which causes an immense amount of AFKers (Like 90% afking until Volcanic, and during volcanic ~50% still doing it) .   If there would be atleast a few wave with more dangerous mobs, those afkers would get what they deserves and maybe people would actually start to help in FT.

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And people would actually stop bringing their freaking fishing accounts too to FT if they could die

Who does that? :o

But yeah i support the idea, making it harder would encourage ppl to actually do their job there not just leech 25min, then run away from vr to leech untill its dead.

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