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Latest patch (10/07/2020)


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The patch introduced a couple of changes that I'd like to address:

- Randomized monster respawn times in Moradon, El Morad Castle, and Luferson Castle.
Any reason behind this change? For a player that likes to farm as a mage is quite obnoxious.
Setting novas on genie is quite a mess now; I can't no longer AFK and expect to not die given the new random respawn time of mobs.
Was the idea behind it to prevent AoE farming?

- Reduced raw coin gain from various sources that were set higher than intended.
While I can understand the why of this change, I don't know if everything was considered when implementing it.

After the change I can say that quite a few spots are no longer viable farming places given the coin income reduction, how much genie costs, etc.
Next thing I do is to move to a spot with a bigger coin income with no success since it's been occupied by others.
There are not that many good spots out there anymore, and the few ones are very crowded.

While I agree farming should be focused on gathering items to upgrade and trade and not coins (looting crap to sell cheap at NPC), these changes turned AFK farming worst.
Even if you've got a decent spot, archers come along, set genie and take your spot in a blink of an eye given the new randomized respawn times.

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