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FT Collection Race


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I think you should implement a CR inside Forgotten Temple, to boost the activity of the event, the activity of the people inside the event and the rewards gathered.

I thought of two different ways of doing the CR's, you could either:

Have a basic CR setup for the mini bosses in there in which you only have to tag them. So if you personally (to avoid afk partys) get a hit on the Demon Sword Sultan, Scorpion King, Shaitan, VR etc you get your reward when they're all collected. The reward could be more chests - a selection of Blue/Green/Red ones. 

Or you could have a race one. So every FT instance gets their own CR and it basically does 5 per FT on the mini bosses, but it only gives the party who gets the last hit on it the reward. So when you load in theres a CR for the first boss, once thats dead someone wins it and their party gets a chest. The second CR for the second mini boss starts immediately after, etc. 


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