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Updates needed


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  1. Archer nerf still needs reversing (been a month ?)
  2. Chaos Dungeon still needs to be added (been 2 weeks since the poll)
  3. +1 needs opening soon.
  4. War still needs changes (been over 1 month since people suggested adding refugees and the alseides plains map)
  5. Collection races desperately need updates. People no longer go out of their way to play during them because the rewards are meh and even the best ones are worth like 10m (been nearly 2 weeks since suggested)
  6. Kill GM events are nice even if weekly but that's all the things GMs have done. Still no boss events, find the gm, or overall no gm presence outside caribe kicking FT afkers lol.
  7. No "what we're working on posts". Does that mean nothing is being worked on? ?

Instead of doing the bare minimum, just think of how much better the server could be if you guys were on top of things. The best server ever probably.

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