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Auction System


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I know this has probably been brought up like a thousand times before, but maybe add an NPC similar to an Auctioneer, many other games have them. Instead of just Buying/Selling Merchants. Some of us can't spend 32 hours a day merchanting... I don't know how hard it would be to program, but just a drunk ramble.

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Yeah I think it's a pretty good idea. Tired of shouting everyday in moradon or setting up buying merchants for hours.

How it should work for example, I'm selling a Raptor+8. I throw it in the auction house, and can decide whether i want the bidding to be 12hours or 24hours. I am set the starting bid at like 15gb and have the buyout price at like 21gb. After those 12hours or whatever you decide, whoever has the highest bids wins. I've seen this method implanted in other games, but since KO is a older game, there's no auction house. Would be nice to have one though.

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how about doing in this way


Seller (Must have the item)

Puts it up for sale at certain price or whatever. (Gets deleted from his inventory after its put up).

logs off freely.

Buyer > Opens NPC buys item server gives him one.


(in case the seller wanted to reprice he could do it without taking out the item).

(in case the seller no longer wants to sell, then the server would give him the item, just like as it would have given the Buyer except no money is involved.)


i think this is extremely do-able even via the website. it just needs alot of work though.


I think the idea shouldn't be limited to in-game, but on web as well.


it will add the feature of "Shop on the go".


in game money can be transferred in say a new table called Bank account, where you can have more than 2.1gbs and you have to transfer money to there to actually buy from that market. (im saying this because its easier to not complicate or have the limitations of the money on the character or the inn hostess).


i've always wanted to see this idea implemented in this way cause in my own eyes it just seems perfect.

with days even merchant can be gone, hell if that system starts working, disable merchanting. lol

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