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Balance will be always a problem ??


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Server will be never balanced this clear for every1 I guess. But still theres few time zones where is leterary hard to pk cuz there will be less enemys.

GM doing nT for me it's just no sense,since they are doing sometimes bad NTS. why ? Because not every clan ask NT for PK there's clans asking NT for farm or just to be on op nation to get better items to collect some money on RL to pay their icecreams.. so to me it's so bad they NT every clan like that. Since farmer not make balance on cZ Just strong clans o full party active PK clans can make balance. Also watching how many people online on ronark land and if they are equal btw human orc doesnt means there's balance on bowl / PK .

nT single scroll it's kinda useless on this cap 80. U can't PK small party so u must move big clan go make 1 party and PK like minions .

Giving NT with GB. Mmm for me can be a good idea to drop GB but since theres more KC holders in this season it's bad

What about NT scroll for clans? Put this on PUS for fair price and make at least just royal 5 able to use since they are the only clans who will make at least some balance on PK .. doing nT new clans have no sense to exist . Let players balance PK / bowl farm their self with some reasonable limits like request clan level or must be first 20 ranking clan to NT etc etc etc

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51 minutes ago, Razordagawd said:

Hmm wonder what grade Revolution is... oh.


it doesnt really matter , my clan can afford NT by their self. its just not fair some of US paying for NT everytime to balance while some others clans just will get NT after pm a GM. Dont get my wrong even us got NT by them but i think thiss s  a work that expect just to active players .  and not to " inactive GM in PK times ". not flaming just telling the things how i see far are going.

stay on topic theres alot topics around where u can drama. if u dont like  give better rasanable ideas then. if u are farmer ofc u wont see balance since ull be always on stron nation to leech farm. but theres people who want to pk even on 80 CAP....

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