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What are the default keybinds?


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I've always wonder what all the default keybinds are in knight online. I want to compile a complete list if possible. Does anyone have a list? or can anyone make a list?  examples below:

Z = tab monster / opposite nation

E = Follow tabbed target

WASD = Move foward, left, back, & right

K = skill window

H = options window

I = Inventory

U = Character screen 

F1 - F9 = switch skill pages

C = Sit / Stand / Rest

Home & End = Move camera angle up and down

Print Screen = Take screenshot ingame

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Man this is awesome! I will compile a list in a week or so and edit my post. Maybe this will help people in the future. Keep the keybinds / shortcuts coming.

ENTER then /town = takes you to town

R = basic attack & runs to target (melee) and attacks

Scroll wheel click = turns camera 180 degrees


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