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Make used PUS items untradeable

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I mean, not to defend the people doing this scam, they're really dishonest, but can't people read? It says freakin' 1 in there, 1 and yet they buy it. Getting too excited for that cheap genie?

Also this is a tricky matter to address, on a free economy market I can sell whatever I want for the price that I want, is up to others if they buy it or not (although it is clear these people are just greedy bastards and wants to scam others) what would happen if I sell an item that costs lets say 9gbs and I forget a 0. Would I get the same deal and my item back by reporting it? I'm sure as hell I won't.

Make the item untradeable after it has been used perhaps? But what if I just wanted to give it to a friend? I don't know, like I said, hard to address that issue.

By the way, I wouldn't trust anyone sending you a letter saying they got scammed this way, probably will end up being the same people doing the scam or just someone wanted to get free stuff (again, greedy bastards).

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