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Different Bars


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The idea i'm proposing is simple,

add different bars to the game other than the gold/silver bars, to help players be able to trade the big amounts of money. 


E.g. HB +8 is 60GBs 


now when we do the trade we always need a middle man or trust or kc to get the deal going.


why not add other bars that have more value than just 1gb 


e.g. platinum bar 5gb or 10gb


or simply add 3 or 4 other bars.


make the trade easier, allow to have more than what you can hold (42gb) on char+inn.


i thought of adding it to the power up store but then the game will collapse due to the fact that every1 will buy it for kc and start spending which wont be good, instead have it in sundries just like the silver bar, so that the only you can get it is by gbs. 


im not sure why gold bar was never in sundries but i think its needed for some quest or something, either way we can leave that out, but add the others.


its a small addition that would make a difference.


i wouldnt say its soo important but its nice to have and does extend the limitations that we have, specially since every good items is above 10gb.


your thoughts?

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I agree, there have been a couple of issues of people trading item when the other trades the 21gb, but then on 2nd trade they get scammed since they dont pay the full amount, so this should be able to fix the issue

for example=platinum bar, should costs 10gb at soundries, and get selled for the same amount at npc (this way we could get the bars with gbs, and trade without a problem)

good idea 3A's

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Just gotta make sure it can't be sold to an NPC then rebought (at the reskilling NPC) for like 20m as u can do it  with regular items. Actually kinda wanted to test it with gold bar too just wasn't lucky enough to get 1 so far, tho hopefully it isn't abuseable, that'd be lame.

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