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Unbinding old unique item (added howto)

Mr DooM

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Just as silly question, is it possible to unbind old unique, which does not include burning it to make it +0 :D



How to unseal this pesky old unique u want to sell?


There is a simple way

Open up PUS, find [Medium Level Item Exchange], it is 50 stack, it will cost u ~360 apex points

After that seal this item to your charcater @ inn and unseal with last option (seal/cancel) it will take up to 20 stacks to do it






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Got an replay from aestaris on this one

Yes there is - there's the [Medium Level Item Exchange] item on the PUS which gets you 50 "Sealed Item", 20 of those are needed to unseal 1 old unique (any) - it's the last option on the inn hostess  :)

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I did on old roc using those seal items from pus. It's take 10 to unbind, BUT, for some reason uses 20. There's not the only problem. if you don't sell it faster it will bind again after you relog.
So I recommend you to try to look for a buyer before use that item.
oh, another tip. You need your seal code. if you don't remember you can reset it from your account options.
Good luck everyone.

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Or put them to clan bank, wait a server restart, take out after server restart, it is unbinded.    Might be a bug tho //// Same warning goes as Danyphunx mentioned, if you relog it will be binded to you again.  [However if you put it back to clan bank before relog, you will be able to take it out again, unbindid (this1 doesn't require server restart if you putted it in while it was still unbinded).  Tho as you know only clan leader + assists can take items out of the clan bank so not rly an available option for every1 considering you might don't even trust your own clannies]

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