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Reinvent Collection Races


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When they were first introduced CR's were great on the activity in PK... but lately CR's have become a very stale event with poor rewards, and I have a few suggestions to put some life back into them and realign the event with the natural progression of the server. I also feel you were reluctant to actually add good rewards in there, even at a very low rate,, which now we're further into the server you hopefully aren't.

Reduce the time limit and winner amount. It's a collect race, but all the rewards are never fully given out and no one ever  "races to finish", they minimise it and just complete it gradually, maybe running to Titans or whatnot in the last ten minutes to get the kills. Reducing the time limit and winners amount will do exactly what CR's are intended to do; quickly get a lot of people in CZ ready to pk.

Create a tiered systems for both the requirements of the CR, and the rewards, Whilst you sort of have that now with the "Farm" and "PvP" collection races the fact that both end up needing enemy nation kills and both get the same reward set there really is no distinction between them. You should have three tiers on CRs:

Tier 3 - Farming

Have three different CR's that are based purely on farming. These ones should be solo friendly, require no kills and give the less rewards of the three.

My idea would be one that requires 20 DKs/EWs/Titans/DS so there is a lot of activity around the map.

Another one should require 3 kills of Havoc, Enigma & Cruel. This will move PK into a different area than just the bowl, and with your tag system whilst the mobs are hard, they only need to R them to get it so it's user friendly. It also helps people who need their 80 quest done and can get it done then.

Lastly bring the bowl cardinal one back, possibly adding Dark Eyes in there as well.

Rewards for these should focus on what newer, solo players may need:


Raptor/Shard for high class only.

Warrior/Rogue shells only. 

A set of 3-5 MJP's.

Lower tiered Chests/Gems/Frags ( up to green chest, blue gem, rage frag )

Monster Stones

Those potions you get from mining (give a stack of 500 not 200)

Silver Bars/BUS stack ( at least 5 )

Add some filler rewards including XP /NP oness, 1500/300 Scrolls, Gem Of Lifes, etc.

Tier 2 - PK

The CR's here should focus solely on PK, so you have lots of criteria to chose from. A simply kill one with high kills (100) and even a NP gained one (3-5k) would work well here. Give only an hour max,

Rewards for these would include the rewards you get in the farming CR minus the filler, as well as

Exceptional Weapons

Chances for better Gems/Frags/Chests

Some low level PUS items - such as 100kc voucher, a pack of Lion/Str/Dex/Hp Scrolls or something along those lines.

Small chance of pendants/tails/fangs.

Tier 1 - Bowl Situated ones

These should be the hardest by far, but give great rewards. They should situate around the bowl and need both a farm/PK aspect. So the CR you have for the chaos stone and the atross/riote one would be fine, they just need tweaking. The old one with the Lust/Envy/Greed would work well. Put the reward limit very low (30-50 people max), have an hour timer and increase the PK element on them (50-100 kills). With the small reward number, and maybe running these less often than the other two, they should give out very good rewards such as:

Only the highest level Frags/Chests/Gems (Red, Silver Gems, Blue Chest, Envy/Greed frags)

High ticket PUS items such as 500kc Voucher, Tears, Trina, 2k/350 scrolls (when you add them), premium MP/HP pots

Exceptional Weapons +5


A straight coin reward - anything from 20-100m.

Then maybe some super rare rewards ( like 0.1% ) for things that aren't in the game yet but aren't too gamebreaking, like a Monster Summon Staff, 100% +5 upgrade scroll, a 3x old unique -> normal unique scroll? Not sure on these, but just a chance, even minuscule, at an item like that would be great.

Lastly I don't think specific CR's should be scheduled. Have maybe 3-4 CR's a day at a scheduled time yeah, but have it so it's a random chance for any tier CR. so Like 50% chance of a farming one, 30% chance of a PK one and 20% chance of a bowl one.

Any more suggestions on rewards/CR improvement feel free to post.


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