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Pretty sure its a Lie on 42.5 % upgrade on REB items, everyone doing anvil knows this more like 10 - 15 % or even lower.

and going +1 to +5 also a big lie..pretty sure its broken..i can show you a video to prove it if you don't trust me.
Its a Miss lead to lot of people, If you want to make money from this server this is clearly not the way....you will make people sick of the game and your server, People will just quit.

You clearly need to fix the anvil....lately its broken.

and whats wrong with the ROLL Back compensation, just armor and pathos gloves??
how about people that making items on anvil? you don't take consideration on how they feel, losing all the items? why don't give Trina...i don't think the compensation is good enough.


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I feel bad for you Vrynzaa! you started the server because of me but you should have learned from all the reserve burns I did :P

Yes the RNG is insane out here. I keep telling you, and always will, just stop upgrading and buy the items straight. You buy shit tons of Apex Points to sell for gbs then use those gbs for your item upgrades but fail miserably. I think everyone in the server knows your name with the items you have burned :D It's just easier and cheaper to buy items directly with gbs/kc.. stay away from anvil

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