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Trying to find enought mages for clan at orcside


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English speaking

Loyalty > activity but should be kind of balanced

Drops if dropped in clan party will be shared

Higher quality drops going to clan bank will be sold and shared between the party which dropped it, items can be bought with discount of 15% for clanies from CB


Clan bank will be stacked up with master items for common clanies


level doesn't matter

mature behaviour is important and if you're not mature you get kicked asap from clan

items doesn't matter

only english in clan/ally/party chat otherwise you will be kicked


TS3 is available for PK/farm/funny chats



this is just a topic to prove how many ppl are interested in making a orc mage clan :)

you can use subcharakter in this clan you don't have to be in here with your main you just got to be active some time

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