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Magic Jewel Powders


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I think they need to be made easier to get. Possibly some more daily/weekly quests for them. Currently the requirements for them for your skills heavily outweigh the supply you get through quests, which in turn means you have to buy them. This means the best farm at the moment is to genie easy to kill monsters for the gems to sell... which is counter productive to the changes you have made to try to increase party farming.

It's wildly unfair on newer players. A Rogue/Mage needs what, 75 MJPs for their 70/72/75/80 skill? At maximum they can get 8 a week through their quests. That's over two months to get them through their quests lmao. With skills being so vital it being like this just lines the pockets for the multiple character genie farmers around Moradon, who are stacking GBs to sell and to be honest.. ruining the server. 

You should double the amount of gems you get through the existing quests, and then add two more equal daily/weekly quests for jewels for Cardinals and Dark Eyes in bowl. This means you can get maximum 32 MJP in a week. Which is in line with how many certificates you can get, meaning an 80 skill takes about a week and a full skill set 2-3 weeks. 

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