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Achivement "Problem" / Question


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How do they work exactly on side chars?


I mean, Aside from my main i have 3x lvl 70+++ side chars on my account for farming and whatnot. And i have certain achivements available / useable for them (for example certain war achivements or cz pvp achivements like kill 100 / 500 enemy users) despite never actually completing them on those chars, only with my main one. But can still use the stats from it or activate the names.

Meanwhile other achivements such as "Expert"(40def achivement, required to kill 10.000+ monsters w/o dieing) only available on my main char.

The reason i'm asking it is because the achivements such as winning 100 BDW for 90 def, or 150 juraid for 100 def seemingly counts on side chars too (logged in with my priest which never won a Juraid yet, and when i checked the achivements it was showing 16 / 150 wins)


Would be good to know it, considering it's way easier to win Juraids / BDWs with a priest or mage compared to warriors / Rogues. If i can unlock the bdw / juraid DEF achivements with side char wins on my main too, then it's a nobrainer to log my priest for juraids.

If not, then it's oke, then i will have to bear juraids with priests only healing and being like "Bruh, i'm priest , i can't attack"


Ps.:  If i can't use the BDW / Juraid achivements on my main with side char wins, then why the previously mentioned war achivements and others are available atm on my side characters (can look up the exact names and list the achivements that are available on my side chars atm despite never completing them on those) .

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