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What I want to show in the picture and topic title. Before I rewind the game, I pressed +8 shard +7 shard and a lot of items next to it. other items burned or sold, I had +8 shard +7 shard last hand. I sold it to a player called +8 shard C4. He spoke to you. I asked you to help me by texting you one by one. I'm still waiting for your help in this regard. In the picture, I seem to be pressing +8 Shard +7 Shard. It is hard to make +8 Shard + and +8 is one of the valuable items of the game. Please, I expect justice from you. Please ask yourself honestly and put yourself in my place.If you play in a game and you have no errors due to mistakes or indirectly caused by you without the most valuable item and 2 most valuable items. If you have such an item lost, it would be right for them to approach you. For this reason, I want my items from you. +8 Shard +7 Shard, please give me my items. I understand that you understand me and give me your items and items. please consider me lost 2 valuable items. I sold the +8 Shard to the C4 player, and the game failed, everything went off at once. I beg you please give me my item. Please help me.


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  • English Game Master

As i've already told you on Discord and can quote from this topic here. 


16 hours ago, Aesteris said:

Any items obtained, and any progress made after 20:40 server time are lost and will not be restored.



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Hi Extra its you and me who got fucked the most on this rollback you lost your shard +8 and I lost my raptor +8 thats the only 2 +8 items that were made after 20:40 I know how you feel and it is really shitty feeling man plus its compleatly not fair I know a guy that burned his Hell breaker to +7 after 20:40 he got his HB +6 back after rollback and he made it today to +7. Another guy told me he changed 5x silver gem during this rollback time got shitty items. Now after he got his 5x gem back he got a string of skulls. Now tell me how is this fair ? I have a lot of ppl from big clans that are on my side to get this raptor back and i wish you get your shard back as well. I dont see why we should be punished by loosing most valuable items in the game by something that we didnt cost.. I am still hoping in common sence of the admins. I know its hard situation, and the easiest way is to say noone will get anything after 20:40 but what you should do and yes i know it will be hard work and it will consume a lot of time but the server shouldnt be rollbacked at first place right? You should go individually. I mean if i would loose 2 silver gem and shard +7 i woud be probably angry but i wouldnt even consider to ask for it back. We are talking here about item worth of 400 dollars. I can assure you that even if the enemy will get iron necklace from Isi during this rollback time I wouldnt mind if they get it back and there are many ppl that agrees with me on that bcs everyone know how hard is it to get fucking raptor , shard +8 or cs iron necklace iron belt...It is unfortunate but if i wont get this raptor back i will just quit bcs i got 0 motivation to progress my character after this.. sadly bcs I am enjoying the server so far .good luck to us ..


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