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Additional items with premium.


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Your original premium prices were set when scrolls were not available in the Sundries, now they are, the additional PUS items you're given with premium should be amended.

Originally you were given I believe 228 apex points worth of PUS items, so some suggestions on what could replace that.

Masters Teaching + Offline Merchant ( 218 point value )

Oreads Voucher ( 249 point value )

A stack of premium MP pots ( 199 point value )

Tears of Kardivis ( 198 point value )


Any of them would be much more useful and welcome than a scroll set that costs 5.5m.

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Yes, this is something we can consider. In fact we were planning on updating this once 2000 / 350 AC scrolls are released.
Aside from the scrolls you've mentioned, there's also a Trina inside, putting the total at roughly 550 Apex Points worth.

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