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I would like to know if a GM can come and change you without proof and without knowing what actually happened?
Because I was mutated when I left an event, without even knowing why, GM "CARIBBE" was soon punishing me without knowing anything and without any evidence, I play this game for over 19 years, I am 31 years old and I never had NO PROBLEM with GM, ADM, or even a player, then GM "CARIBBE" comes and MUTATES me, for 3 "TRES" days, I found this an abusive and unnecessary act, because I did nothing with anyone and neither did want to measure the chance of saying something, and to make it worse without any evidence, I can also come and accuse someone without at least the person having done anything, so do you think GM's bannir or MUTADO is right, without EVIDENCE? and not knowing what happened and if it happened? I WAS GM AND I KNOW THAT IT'S NOT WORKING THAT, WE CAN SAY THAT I HEARD A RIGHT ABUSE OF POWER!

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