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Openning Ron set

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Just a heads up inb4 all the mages leave the server:

Since warriors already hit mages for over 1.5k with torment and with the passion build, now with the +8 itens and hell blade incoming, that damage should go around 2k i would highly advice u admins to add Ron Set so mages can have more defense. As u know mages right now must run with linen set, since using chitins or shells is a waste of HP

Thank you

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Mages were and still dominating the server, they have absoudly high dmg and being pretty tanky with lvl 80 and pt cure now. It's fine the way it is, they are raping every1 easily, but once they get caught they are dieing aswell.

You can't have everything, rapeing every1 with 1 novas and also outtanking every1... Thats just greedy.


If anything, assassins need some love, since they are utter crap and will just get worse once ppl getting more gear and anti def (2x weapons, anti def being twice as effective, plus DD helmets are easy to get aswell) Also they are bad in party pk and crowded areas too where mages and warriors are op aswell.

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Could Be open next. Mages can easy tank melees now. Specially with this stun rate xD. I play with mages, we tanked and killed warrior partys. Säw also mages killing Solo warriors. No reason open these yet. +8 opened, next thing is those rons, dragons etc 

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