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Where's Chaos Dungeon?

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You have extra time to think of new tiered rewards because FT already gives a (pretty much worthless) blue chest.

Unlike other events, chaos is the only one where you can afford to put better rewards, seeing how only a select few actually "win". If 600 people join bdw you know 300 will get red chests and such, same with juraid and even worse with FT where everyone basically wins with no effort on this cap.

Chaos only awards the top 25% (top 4 in full instances) officially, but it could be further changed into many creative avenues, from adding a daily-per-account limit to those that are too good at it to maybe even doing tournaments.

Sky is the limit as always, and grounded we remain.

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Well ye, hopefully it's being added and with a decent reward. It's pretty sad to see such a good event being wasted in most servers. Top 1-2 could be getting event participation certificate aswell on top of smth better than a blue chest.  Imo the top1 (or even 2nd 3rd) at chaos should get better rewards than some1 winning juraid for example, cuz as said above, that's a team game and 8/ 16 ppl always getting atleast a silvery gem (given every1 is 79-80), you can be utter crap, but some1 ksed the deva from your party and there you go you won.

Meanwhile at chaos, you have to be good yourself, otherwise you won't win.


(Ps.: love how plenty of ppl saying chaos event is bad, it's all about luck, doesn't take any skill and the bullshit list goes on. If anything, chaos takes the most skill, awarenes, target switching, timing etc from any KO event and it's solely on you, not on your party to win it.)


Long story short please open it, and with decent rewards. It's mostly an empty event because of the crap rewards, like same shit as FT, but you can win FT by being afk / semi active, meanwhile you have to focus at chaos during the whole event, and the original rewards are not good enough.

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