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Cannot be stored items.


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Was thinking. There might be guys like i. I like to play Priest and mage, sometimes for flex fill up The party. Or for having something different than one class, game forces play one character.

Event certificates

It sucks tho, since event certificates cannot be stored ? like If i get CR reward on mage and want that item on Priest, not possible. Or war example. Party need specific class. I dont want change, because want certificates first on my main character.

Mined gem of lifes.

I cant just mine on 1 character gems to use account wide. I have to log that specific character to get em. 

Could also add np and AC gems on mining, like usual those are.

Pk chests

Make em storeable too.

Monster Stones i understand, been always like that.


I dont see point on this. Why those cant Be like only account bound, like cospres and pus items Are? Pk chest could Be too. Suck that you must buy magic bag to play full time. Have it only for items to hold.

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