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Let's turn the Abyss Dungeon into a farm zone

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TL;DR at the bottom.


I had an idea the other day to turn the abyss dungeon into a contested farming zone for both the solo player and possibly parties of players, here's a couple of my thoughts:


The monsters in that dungeon currently drop gold/silver/bronze coins (mostly bronze, meh) as well as +9 unique accessories. It has been stated that the +9 to +10 (and beyond to +12/1 and +14/2) combine rate is VERY low which means that by the time you get 3 of the same accessory, there is a good chance you will NOT be successful in combining them. So here's where I think an improvement can be made. I think the upgrade rate should stay the same, but the drop rate of the accessories from the monsters should be increased greatly. Why increase the drop rate and not the combine rate? The reason for that is because you are limited by the amount of inventory space you have in the abyss dungeon (there is no inn hostess) so even if you get a full inventory of +9 dex earrings (one of the more popular items) you are not even necessarily guaranteed to get even 1 +10 out of that. Obviously it is up to the GM's discretion to balance the drop rate as to not bring too many +12/1 or +14/2 items into the game all of a sudden.


Another (more simple) possibility for improvements to this dungeon are to simply increase the drop rates of the silver/gold coins dropped by the monsters to a point where it is profitable to farm them with a party. Obviously this should not be TOO profitable, but it should be considerably more profitable than fishing.


So why the abyss dungeon? Well CZ is a great farm spot as it is (DKs drop a ton of raptors) however there is a risk of losing national points if you farm there. What is neat about the abyss dungeon is that it is also PVP, however you do not lose national points upon death here. Which means it is a dungeon which can be contested by both nations. There isnt much of an incentive to actually kill the other nation (currently there are no rewards for a kill in the dungeon) but perhaps an incentive could be implemented (maybe a VERY small amount of NPs, ill leave that for someone smarter than me to decide). Since CZ is a similar type of farm spot I would suggest adjusting the rewards from abyss dungeon to be greater than fishing, but less than farming in CZ or bifrost. This area would be ideal for a solo farm spot since (most of) the monsters are not exactly difficult to kill. Obviously monsters on lower levels of the dungeon would have higher drop rates as well.


TL;DR : Let's turn the abyss dungeon into a profitable solo farm spot by either increasing the drop rate of +9 accessories or increasing the silver/gold coin drop rates of the monsters within the dungeon (or a combination of both)

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