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Ideas to improve farming


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A topic where people can post their ideas to boost farming in CZ/party farming as a whole, as at the moment we know it's pretty useless. Please post any ideas you have, here are a few of mine.

Make Chitin/MDs/Glaves Middle Class: These items are very easy to farm, but no one does because it's not cost effective to upgrade them. Putting these as middle class gives people incentive to farm them, as it's a lot easier and cheaper to upgrade them and as we know, these at +8 are better than their higher class counterparts at the +7 cap. Honestly, with the upgrade caps this server has it should be full of +8 MDs/Chitins but there are barely any as the both bus needed to even attempt a page of +5's to +7's is worth more than the +7 itself and the fact you can get shells/raptors/shards easier than chitins and MDs. Bonus - this helps new players easily acquire a set of armor/weapons that is passable in PK. 

Side Note: Add Harpys back in CZ and drastically drop the chitin/md rates in EMC/Eslant to avoid the usual genie farm bullshit.

Add drops to Enigma/Cruel/Havoc and the Nigmash/Kerrimash: Usually there is a lot of farm centred around these monsters as they drop the Krowaz weapon jewels. As this is obviously not in the game and I imagine not coming anytime soon then you could make them farmable in other ways. My ideas:

Havoc/Enigma etc to drop an exceptional weapons, a silver bar and even a small chance of a goldbar. Nothing game breaking, but it gives a party a reliable coin farm away from bowl that will encourage pk and raiding. Give them a 5 minute spawn timer.  

Nigmash etc to drop 50% a BUS and then smaller chance of a silver bar. Same reason as above - reliable party farm.

Changes to Daily Quests:

Quest Shells/Weapons should be given at +5 now. Most people don't even bother with their quests now as they probably have 4 pages of shells/raptors +1 from gems and such. Giving them at +5 means people are more likely to do them as they can throw them straight in the anvil. 

Side note: Reduce AC or the Bonus on quest shells, only bit a tiny bit like 2ac per piece. Atm we have exceptionals to encourage farming of weapons, but shell farming is useless as the quest shells are exactly the same.

Booro quest for BUS, make the daily 5x BUS and the weekly 10x BUS.

Balrog quest is completely useless with the scrolls in sundries. Instead, keep the same kills but make it 1 2k/350ac scroll for the daily and 3 for the weekly. People will do it to have the scroll for wars etc.

New Daily Quests 

Add a new quest centre'd around the Bifrost monsters in bowl - Lvl 80 and 10k NP Requirement

Daily - 3 of each monster for a Rage Fragment.

Weekly - 24 of each monster for a Lechery & Jealousy Fragment.

Add a new quest for Havoc/Enigma/Nigmash etc - Lvl 80 and 10k NP Requirement

Weekly - 30 Havoc/Cruel/Enigma for a Trina.

Weekly - 100 Nigmash/Kerramash for a stack of premium MP pots.

Add a new quest for Isiloon - Lvl 80 Requirement

Daily - 1 Isiloon - Monster Stone

Weekly - 5 Isiloons - Monster stone 

Just a few ideas. Feel free to post more. 


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I can agree with the middle class items, allthough they still need to open +8 anyway, they should open +9 now that they waited too long, we need item dump, market is dead, nothing is worth farming.

There is just WAYYY too much item overflow in the server, I would personally disable dailies and activate item rental or make a +5 one time quests so that these non-existing new players that are supposed to be coming don't need to feel bad. 

Instead of dailies and repeatable quests, (people just ks the kills with 1 shot and never go actually farming and then it's nothing to do again) fix the droprates on the server and give us farmable content.

Harder mobs like Enigma/Balog/Booro/Nighmash/etc. should really be fixed to be worth farming. 

I don't like the idea of putting PUS items or bigger scrolls to mobs. Babashoppers, noobs, everyone, even server admins need a working economy here, both for PUS and ingame cash.


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1 Stack of pots (could even be a stack of 1k) or a trina a week won't even touch the PUS market, but it gives a nice hard quest that will keep other areas in cz very active throughout the week. The problem is the best weapons/uniques/armors are so easy obtain through events on this server that there needs to be hard quests/farm that give items that aren't so easy to obtain - like PUS items. 


Daily/Weekly quests will never be removed. APEX was built on them and they've been here since the start now. The only way to nerf them now is as I said, make slight changes to the attributes of whats given out, or just release the next tier of armor/weapons to make them more obsolete. 

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