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Wars: map variety (voting?)

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I know this has been mentioned in another thread but it wouldn't hurt to repeat:

We only use 2 war maps. Boat war and Oreads war (rolling logs trap war).

Where's the classic prairie map? Or napais gorge? (latter is kind of outdated and requires a lot of running, teleporters could help here).

There are other unused maps that could be adapted for a special kind of war. Other PS did this and it was fun. Maps like Ronark Land Base, Ardream, even the Dark Lunar War map (something something triangle).

There's a lot of untapped potential here tbh. Wars are, after all, the signature and most iconic aspect of KO. The whole 'invading the opposite nation' has to be the game's main gimmick but it's currently held back by an outdated mode. There could be something more added to invasions as well but that a different subject (NPC unnerf when?)

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