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GM SIERRA PLS READ - 1 week mute! (6ix)


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I have read the rules and i know the rules, since when saying idiot became insult, and i was just having fun at the FT shouting. I dont ask for unmute all i am asking is why is it 1 week, he couldve mute me for 24hours, 48 hours I wouldnt make that a problem + he dced me from FT. its like getting a fine driving 51 in a 50 zone. Please have some empathy,

Gm Carbie clearly does not speak English nor knows what insult is. I am not asking for unmute all i ask is instead of 1 week he couldve mute me for 48 hours or something and not dced me from FT.

I hope you hear me




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  • English Game Master

Let me quote myself and the rules.

9 hours ago, Sierra said:

Second, please read the rules and they will tell you how to behave on our server and what way to go if you think the decision was faulty and you wish to be unmuted.


On 5/29/2020 at 8:01 AM, Aesteris said:

Please note that any staff decision made can only be reversed by the staff member making the decision. If you feel your punishment was unjust, please contact the staff member in question. Only after contacting the staff member in question, and providing proof of your contact with them, may you raise this @twostars or @Aesteris.


Did you talk to Caribe about this yet?

No - Please do so first.

Yes but we didn't understand each other or we can't agree about what happened and what it resulted in - Feel free to contact Aesteris & twostars about it.


Thank you.

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