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Reduce Juraid Time


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With the 80 cap incoming the whole dynamic of Juraid changes. Now that there is real motivation to actually win the event itself (in the form of better gems at higher levels) comes the worst part about juraid... the waiting.

Like BDW, it's evidently clear with 95% of juraids who's going to win it pk wise within the first minute or two. Unlike BDW though, you can't 100% guarantee victory unless you wait out the full time limit. The opposing nation can win your juraid by KSing Deva with a well timed spike or nova, so that causes your party to be cautious and not kill the deva, meaning you're usually sitting around waiting for 25-30 minutes for the timer to end and to win on kills. This is very boring and it's going to dry up the server during those times, and with you running 3x ED a day that is a good chunk of time wasted by people sitting in ED.

Reducing the timer on ED to 25 minutes will still give plenty of time for people to clear the three rooms (average at the moment, on 70 cap, is around 9 minutes), plenty more time to PK and kill Deva if their party wishes. 


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