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Juraid Morderator admin or gm read it ...


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Hi i would like to ask u about juraid stuff i know admin gm's keep ignoring mostly topic's cause i did few of them already even about ppl hard flaming that should be muted u just ignored it :) any way nvm i would like to ask u about Juraid cause u rise up drop rate from mobs but it's still kinda bad u gotta be on top like 3 top ppl get's always 2 gems rest get 1 ... kinda unfair and the biggest issue why would u do GREEN GEM FOR WINING JURAID ? Green gem is same shit like a black one  ppl giving up after they die once cause reward is sh1t or they just trolling and saying there is no benefits from wining it so fvck that sh1t ... could u just do juraid like it should be ? wining = silver gem make it worth wining and fighting for it . Thanks 

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