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Dj's second suggestion (GG)


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Hai there.



I think it would be more better if there comes something ingame, that when you are active you will make more money then fishing and being afk.


At the moment fishing and being afk is the best way to make money.


Please come up with something, create a quests what you can keep re-doing at ronark or something.




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Triple teh box reward for the winner in chaos event. Will do no harm, only more people attending this event.

Just a suggestion. Lets start from the little things.



That is another problem btw, there is no "winner" at chaos event.    (there is some limit it seems , like if you are below 10 or 15 kills or afk during the whole thing but until you avoid that, regardless of being 5th out of a room with 6, or 1st you are getting the exact same xp, chest, wing material, etc.) ----> no motivation ---> today's chaos, had a room of 6 people, 1 dude quitted after two minutes,  3 went fully afk after 2-5 mins,     the last one (beside me) occassionally pressed ok.  I was basicly walking around, killing that one dude times to times and that was it :D


Fixing the result // rewards accordingly to that would help, alongside with what u suggested. As well as currently:


Winning 100 BDW achivement is rly GG = 90 def bonus.

Winning 150 Juraid = 100 def bonus.


So even if the rewards aren't that good there, on a long term run it has some motivation atleast, while winning 100 chaos gives like 6 str and few hp stat, which might be not that bad for a warrior / porutu, but absolutely useless for the rest of the people. So ye at chaos for example currently there is just totally no motivation to play it (aside from the exp, which u get even if u go in, picking up some box, 1 hit few ppl with it, done)

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