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Current major issues in game. Mouse macro / ksing


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Hey gang, so it feels like the Apex team has thrown in the towl on "'Mouse'" macro with Genie. Not sure if they can find a long term fix for it or what but it's killed the game complety. Most people are not using a mouse macro anymore but more advanced programs that can shoot arrows almost twice as fast as genie. Now the 2nd issue, Ksing. U can't active farm anymore because of ksing. Example I'm with 3 active people farming HW, and a guy brings 2 accounts and sets up a macro genie and then goes afk. We leave the area and it repeats over and over to the point that legit people start quitting. Very annoying... OF course we can't lure on the hackers because they seem to be protected. Would be nice to hear why the rules are the way they are. 



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  • English Game Master

If you’re using a program that allow you to do attacks faster than the game allows that’s a hack and therefore a reson to be banned.

If you are farming AFK with a macro without genie that’s a reason to be banned.

You can however use a macro combined with genie or play ”manually with a macro”, that is allowed.

There are no rules against ks’ing, that would simply be near to or even impossible to enforce equally for everyone.



We can’t outright ban people for using macros, it’s too widespread at this point. And we allow it with genie simply because genie isn’t that great all the time.

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