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War Improvements.


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It's pretty much a dead event at the moment, most people I know don't even bother going. There needs to be some changes to it atm because it really does seem like a chore now and it just kills activity on the server when it's on. Here's a few suggestions which could help liven it up:

- On war days put the CR's in war. 100 Kills for your reward - this can overrun into invasion if war ends quickly.

- Give the winning nation a reward. Everyone who is in the war when it is won should receive a prize. 1k nps and a MS or chest maybe?

- War map vote system

- Tiered prizes for the top performers in war. Use K/D ratio to not favour mages however. 

I know you're working on a custom invasion, but if that's not coming in the immediate future, some easy changes to invasion to help it as at the moment it's probably more beneficial to lose the war to defend:

- Increase the NP's from NPC's, it needs to be like 5x what it is. Blessings too. 

- NPC's could drop Old Uniques at a low rate. Or just Fragments/Gems 

- Defending nation gets more NP per kill, it will motivate them to stay and fight not just to go moradon.



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1) Makes sense =ish

2) 100%, great suggestion

3) 100%, also is it possible to add some of the old maps into rotation? Just adds variety to the game

4) Kind of, but KD/Ratio isn't exactly helpful for mages not to get them either, they normally get the most kills & best K/D

5) 1000%, it's far lower here than USKO ever was, NPCs & Blessings.

6) Sure, I wouldn't do this though.

7) 100,000% - Even though I play Human and we've won almost every war I've seen, it would be GREAT to give the defending nation a reason to stay rather than leave and then the winning nation quits out of boredom.

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Could also make the war portion last 30 minutes, and the invasion the usual 1 hour. War map selection is good.

Could add more 'war maps' like RLB, Ardream, DLW map, the classic prairie map or the napais gorge map, or that one altered version of CZ that focuses on the bowl (could be used for boss war too).

War needs love, and it definitely didn't need the npc NP value nerfed down to oblivion lmao.

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We're aware of the unattractiveness of wars and spicing them up is on our list of things to do.

Exactly in what way I can't quite comment on, I personally like the CR suggestion and the increased NP gain for Defenders (alongside NP increase on the NPCs).

How does war voting work in-game on other servers - is there a specific UI for this - who gets to vote, etc?

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