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Disable escape skill while getting damage or lower than 80% hp


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As the title says, just disable this feature. You increased /town limit for PvP balance. It's ok. But mages can easily /town with this skill while getting damage. That's not fair.

You guys buffed mages as hell. But if you do something on /town for PvP balance, then do same for mages' escape skills.

Thanks mAqexKO

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Razordagawd, 21 saat önce yazdı:

It's called "gate" and I already reported this. This cast should be very easy to interrupt but right now it's failsafe, which is dumb as hell.

Edit: priests also have this skill :)

tbh, we don't argue terms here. And some of Very very important people hate you (you've put the arrows to their special part of bodies.) So you caused archers to be nerfed. Please stop causing more problems. It affects archers' power in the game.

If game doesn't let the players go town easily (increasing hp limit for /town means just like that), then they should do something on GATE skill as well.


EDIT: This time i cut some of meaningful words from the post. Hope none remove it.

Edited by Patrick
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6 hours ago, peyo said:

why don't we nerf light feet in that case, since assassins can just run back to base or their minor because they can heal up to more than 80% hp and town?

seriously, stop being butthurt over the smallest things that don't even affect gameplay...

Gate not being interrupt-able is actually a bug tho

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