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Item checking - Drop table -


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I made this topic in order to check if some items are present in this server. We know these exist in game so maybe they could be added to certain mobs to keep farming up.


  1. Lotto ticket (I know abyss gems, remanants used to drop them. It was a big thing back then because there were chances to win gold bar, it was fun also)
  2. Water of favors (Not many mobs drop water of favors and many mobs outside moradon keep dropping low-hp pots. I think most mobs should drop water of favors outside moradon.) Also potion of soul. 
  3. King & Knight's medals. (These are present in the database but only used for specific event. I suggest to add as a drop and they should be exchangable for something nice in an special NPC that trades medals for certain items. Like I don't know, 200 medals for 100Apex points?or silly things like Husband-Wife TS)
  4. Firecrackers are not included as abyss gem exchangables. I kinda miss them.
  5. Enchants dropped by Treant/Ancient family. I know they can be bought in Sundries but for low cash people it is always nice to have the option to farm those.
  6. Abyss holy water. I know some people said it was unfair because it gives a lot of HP recovery but it will boost certain mobs in abyss since people will farm it for pk. Same with Abyss fire, sometimes needed to beat a boss solo. This one should only work in Eslant bosses. 
  7. Flags: Yes it's silly but I know that in database there are present many other flags such as germany, danish, polish, canadian, chinese and some other flags. They would be nice to be added to Sundries just like turkish and american flag.
  8. Nostrums and stamps. I know they can be traded, stored or put them in merchant. Maybe you could add these as a low drop rate in high level mobs. That would be a nice second option for this whole "I can't get lobo drop" drama. Also, random drop, to make it even harder.
  9. BES . I know it's being dropped by bowl bosses/atross/riotes. It would be nice to see it as a drop for regular mobs somewhere, perhaps not as high as BUS, but still a good drop.
  10. Elemental scroll is the cheap version of the BES with less % of success. Maybe add them as EMC/Luff/Eslant mobs? 
  11. Rare +8 weapons. These cannot be upgraded or changed in any way. Also many of them are medium class but I do remember back in MYKO times seeing many people holding these kinds of weapons. The "rare" attribute is mostly based on the fact that they don't follow the common "elemental" damage of the weapon itself, this way you can see fire large breaker +8. Also +7 rare/magic armors would be nice to see as a low drop rate.
  12. Medium class weapons/armor. I know FP +5 are dropped by DTS, also FP +3 by other mobs, it would be nice to see the same applied to middle class weapons to other mobs. This way low level players might get a chance to use all their middle class scrolls trying to get one of these + 8? Also good for burrrrrn.
  13. Fish, flour, vegetables. These collectibles were part of an event (I don't remember which) but any collectible exchangable for something worth will keep people farming.



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