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Playing since the first beta phase and I have some suggestions now to do:


1) Release cap 80 and revert archer light feet nerf. They should be ok at 80cap;

2) Add to PUS 2k/350ac scrolls + duration pot;

3) Add weapon breaker(jamadar);

3) Rise the 1500/300/wolf scrolls price in sundries or remove them;

4) Nerf semi-afk farm places such as haunga family, cardinals etc;

5) Add spots to farm bus and high class weapons in CZ;

6) Rise up %drop rate from doom soldiers;


Now explanations:


- After releasing 1500/300 scrolls in sundries, sins become useless as solo class. Now sins needs to be in a 2-3 man party to gang bang paper mages(wtf???). We can't even kill a paper mages without dagger defense such as old skeleton belt, iron sets, dd cap. Now imagine after few weeks when they get old skele belt or those itens?

- Active farming sucks, drop rates are pretty low except of aoeing EWs in eslant/cz (mage farm). You can see 2-3 mages parties ksing each other for this spot and most of them are secondary accounts.

- Not enough places for farm bus, getting raided every 5 minutes at beasts/blood seekers or getting ksed by 3 guys or more not worth the risk, better farm kongaus and buy the busses?

- Warriors and archers pretty much spamming spike damage? What's the point being sin at this server?


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My man just wants to be able to 1 hit mages and town lmao, fuck the good of the server this guy wants to raid farm spots 24/7 ?


however I do agree on adding more active farm spots in CZ. 

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Yeah. 2k scs must there For 80cap. Duration items welcome thx. And also unseal scrolls. People selling characters For oldies xD.

For cz farm. Needs adjust ASAP.

Cz farm with party costs more than you earn xD so it is useless. 

Barlogs Been too hard, need More than 1 party farm smooth and rate sucks and change get trash loot.

People needs em For exp too. Now not worth exp on those. Make em easier a bit. @twostars 

Increase drop rate for all items, except buses on cz. Bus rates are fine.

Make booro and barlogs drop exceptional Raptors, Shards, IronBows, Impacts, and Iron Impacts. Leave ew's as it, good mage farm. 

Titans drop non exceptional high class weapons and bus bes.

Dark Stones same as Titan but lower rate.

Do collection races during Day. Like morning time there IS people just walking around doing nothing, like i before evening shift, i do dailies and leave cz. No party activities to farm, no CR people whos not able to play on peak times. 

That wss my toughts from farm spots.


About VIP storage usual it dont request seal key. Wish it Will Be here as on official. Just open VIP without passwords.


New players, make catch up to them. Exp boost till 65 or so, since 70lvl you can do monster stones, so it cant go straight to 70 new charas, otherwise people abuse it. For before 80 cap expansion, there gms could do some exp monster events start from mora, nations main citys and at last to the cz. Touching mobs gives exp equal to all who touches.


Gm's More active, check farmers, cz activity, bring activities to in game.

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