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How do i lvl up past 61? (solo)


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Seems eslant is filled with afk/genie parties and no1 is lvling, as a newer player this is actually terrible for me becsaue im unable to proceed past lvl 61 with any sort of notable speed? iv tried my hand at solo but the quest gear is weak and its very difficult alone. the Quest options seem amzing but alone they are way out of reach atm

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20 hours ago, Razordagawd said:

whats your class, i assume mage?

nah im a warrior, managed to make it to 63 last night in a clan party at paramons. they told me it was alot easier to lvl before. I guess ill just have to wait till 80 is released it seems :D or hope for a lucky party invite :D

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3 hours ago, kurtis said:

if u are human i can help you 100% to 70.

thanks man, im orc atm but i think iv figured it out. made it to 66 tonight drom 62. so i think i found a nice method its not the fastest but it works nicely once im out of quest, also need to work on my gear its very hard to farm the CZ quest atm for me solo but ill try and fix that in the future for now ill just stick to my method in eslant and hope for the best making about 50mil and hour i think so its not terrible and ill get there i have primo so it shouldnt be to much longer :D

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