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Bring back monster tagging for kill count



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You cant just tag monsters anymore.

This thing to tag monster instead of try get last hit was perfect bug. You should not take it off. It was good thing on this server healthy along with many falses which could be changed.

Heard reason for fixing this, was that Official servers does not have it and it was bug. Did you have in your mind that they dont also have collection races, dailies / weeklies for bowl spawning monsters... This server is nothing like official, so why try to do it. This is harder for farm, harder for new players to start in game. When 80lvl opening, this bug fix makes it worse.

If there will be cr like that kill envys and greeds xD How long do you think people will try ks those from all players in cz. Atross and Riote quest. Spawn time is so damn long, it is already hard enough to try get that daily done... Now it is impossible and people stops trying to do it, means less people wants go for bowl.

Think if you start game now, there is no parties running for quests in eslant or cz, with that bug you could manage to do those and continue game further, also people are happy when they dont get ks'd. Less crying and flaming players.  Players whos dont have much time to play, waste hours to try get quests done. Ronark land, how you think low gear and not that good in game players will be able to survive enough on cz to try get kill count ks'd.



You could change this bug a bit tho. With bug you could just tag monsters and continue to other spot to get kill count from previous far far away. You could change it like, you have to be near of this monster area to get that count, like same range as exp receive, or smaller.


Hope people will react this and get this awesome thing back to server. Other server does not have this thing, which made this unique.

PS. To not make this too rough. Have to say there's been good job from staff on bug fixes and improvements. This is just thing which worked. I like the server


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During BETA I was originally against this idea, I thought the original quest last hit system was best.

However, after playing this server my opinion has definitely changed. Especially with the amount of quests you give, as well as the CR's. The tag system should come back into play.

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im agree with Zimpapke, last hit for quest count will make new players to leave coz they cannot make quests and get gear to catch to other players. Even you are with full party one archer with good 5-3 arrow combo can steal your last hit.  bring back the old system and make server playble for all players who wanna to start it.

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