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Pedal rogues


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I want to know why pedals are authorized for rogues ? It is like koxp/cheat for me ...


Actually no one warrior can vs a full gear rogue in this server and i hate that ... I'm a 78 warrior and i lost a 65 rogue cause of pedal while i didn't failed any combo :(

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It is pretty balanced, during the Beta there wasn't a single rogue who could continously kill my warrior, even if they got me few times, i got them aswell, that was only a few tho, rest went down fine. (Also naab or not, warrior got a DD helmet which is by far the most effective anti defense due to the fact sins gotta use dual weapons which is being affected more than 2handed ones)



As for your example, no offence but you were either rly bad or just having crap items while he was rly good or having gg items, else that's just not happening.




(PS.: idk what's in your mind about these macros / pedals [many people consider them as smth godlike that gives them unlimited mana pool, impossible feats, etc, being like "omg he is pedal, he tank a full party continously"  ye, sure, seems legit....]      Sure it helps them, especially in sin vs sin with all these crap skills as blinding etc giving the upper hand to pedallers since they can retarget the enemy right away w/o having to wonder about minor, but in a rogue vs warrior for example it aint making much of a diff. Any half decent sin can burn their mana using 2-3-4-5 hp pots against a warrior, now let's assume that a pedaller can burn his full mana w/o hp potting at all [which isn't rly happening with cooldown on minor against a warrior due to how fast those VSes are except some extreme cases with a lower mana pool or warrior having a crap combo etc] that ll only be an 600-1600 hp diff and it was in an extreme case which aint rly happening. So ye, it aint smth that ll make them magically full hp you.)




To answer your question, it's hella hard to detect that's why, since they are functioning as a normal keyboard, etc.  Unless you inject a program that enables you to scan online ppl's task menager, you can't rly decide who having it and who aint and even then if they are using them w/o a side program that can be detected or they are simply clever enough to hide it well then it is close to impossible to properly detect them.   This, alongside with the fact that they aint as good as people often think it is leads them unable to do anything.  Plus nowadays you can get macro mouses, etc dirt cheap.  I've been gm at certain private servers where i had the access to take a look at their program logs and well... approx 60% if not more of the server had either a macro mouse, keyboard, pedal or just a downloadable macro script // program running and not just rogues, plenty of warriors, priests, etc aswell.  I could go on yet, but guess you got it already.

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Anyone using minor heal combo without hp pot is either crazy and gonna die fast, or they tanking and using pedal/macro/tbl. I don't think there are any good sins on this server doing it "legit".

Well, but still. Guys if you are moaning and moaning like crazy you could PM me and ask for any macros you need lol. But this would give up the fun and there is a low level macro already legalised go get Genie Points. Anyway since macro is an automisation tool it is not even banable, because it is not doing anything to your client/server files it just presses any keys you want in a delay you want it. My point is, stop crying. If people are not man enought to play a class without macroing or even cheating on any other way it is seriously sad.


And also did you ever think about what Rogues have been made for ? Not for tanking etc. they are like ninjas like shadows they sneek peak from behind with critical dmg and then just run. Even those "macroers" run in a real fight saw it several times. Won't blame anybud by name for having mature behavior. So all top assasins are just cheaters/macroers since the cooldown on minor in KO history. Just have seen in 4 years like 2 rogues with minor/hppot combo which were impressive. Deal with it and stop moaning like little sheeps. Let em use their pedals and showing us that they are lowbobs ;3 still atleast mage classes around, they are fun as hell. try it ^^


Enought of my thoughts now!!! This is just my opinion so copyrighted :>

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