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Kings / Chernobyl


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Hello Apex Forever players, we are known as Chernobyl or as Kings as of now. (Orc Side atm)

We are looking for pretty much priests and warriors mostly at the moment, so if you fit the requirements written down below shoot me a pm on here or in game. (xHomie in game)

  1.  Both classes must have discord.
  2.  Priest must have a mic to speak with the team during pk sessions.
  3.  Atleast have some experience with playing either warrior or priest.
  4.  Be respectful at all times, have a sense of humor, we give shit to all our players in clan in pk so looking for people who wont get butthurt over a joke.

If you are interested shoot me a pm anytime please. 

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2nd Clan GodLike is recruiting sins, mages, and priests if you don't fit the criteria for Kings we will more than happily see if your home is actually with us. 


Same requirements except CSW is a must unless real life absolutely dictates you cannot attend.


Can pm the following for immediate interview. However, we trust our members to do it also, you might just have to wait for an add.





Thanks! Kings #1

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