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Remove the Archer Nerf


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OK GM, you can remove the archer nerf now right? 90% archers became rogue or quit, no one is buying Iron bows anymore, today I saw Iron Bow +7 for 1gb, and it is decreasing every day.
What is the purpose of it? it will be forever? This is totally rediculous.


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The nerf is fine. We run archer partys just fine with the nerf? It doesn't change much just that you have to be a little smarter with who and when you're hitting. It's really been blown out of proportion I think. I'm surprised there are not more archer partys still running about? Were they so bad they literally could only zr and run? 


Although is it possible to have the archer nerf only work if they're in a party with 2 or more archers? I'd imagine not, but if somehow it was I do feel that would be best. We have a few clannies who are pure archers who have quit because of the nerf, they don't care for archer parties they just like to either solo or be in a melee party. I think it's a tad unfair to nerf them when it was the 6-8 party full of archers that ruined the PK. 

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