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Revolution 8vs8 Vindictive(BigBang / KindaR)


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I made the video because they made one against Revolution clan with 2 angers. I could have made alot more videos cuz we wiped them out many times on 8vs8 5vs5 2vs2 etc. But you can see in the video why i don't spend much my time on those bad warrior players that can't even switch item and use their descent properly.

They are writing about BloodLine , Revolution 8vs8 20.000KC but this never happend BloodLine and Revolution never did any 8vs8 for 20.000KC it was just me that got called in a 8vs8 fight and i played in there that's it And if you idiots think it's Revolution fine keep thinking none of Revolution will pay a single KC and u will never find anywhere a picture or video that we talk about this.

@HERVORAGEND keep spamming gamers4life media with shitty video's everyone nobody cares. TY ❤️

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