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Refunding accidental Power-Up Store purchases


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Accidentally purchased an item from the Power-Up Store that you didn't mean to?
No worries - you can easily refund this purchase yourself via our in-game support system, provided that you:

- Recently purchased the item
- Haven't used/exchanged it yet
- Have kept the item on the account you purchased it from

1 - First, make sure the item is in your inventory to ensure the refund happens as quickly as possible:


2- Now open up our support system via the in-game help icon:


3- Select the "Refunds" option at the top. You should see your purchases listed here,
then click "Request refund" on the item you wish to refund:


4- It will tell you the request has been initiated. If you forgot to put the item in your inventory, don't worry - go do this now.
The system will continue to check periodically until it finds the item in your inventory.



5- Please be patient as it can take a few minutes to process - even longer, if you forget to put the item in your inventory!

You can now close the support page and go back to doing whatever you were doing.
The refund will be carried out automatically while you are online (if you logout, it will continue when you next log back in).


Once the refund is processed, you will receive a message in your info box telling you it finished.
It will also send you an in-game letter to notify you. You can also return to the "Refunds" page at any time to view its current status.

It's that easy. If you have any problems or concerns, please create a support ticket.

Thanks for supporting Apex Forever!


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