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"Customer is not allowed to pay." Error


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Things getting even more weird so rather editing the post. After some  more testing and running through everything again the whole story is the following:

(All of the purchase was on the website, since ingame the credit card informations just didn't load at all)


-My brother bought KC with his credit card first on his account, that went fine.

-Then i tried to buy KC on my acc with my own card, that1 failed.   "Customer is not allowed to pay." Error message.  (The card itself is fine, the information was correct, got money on it, i'm paying online with it at various places, be it my country or overseas, plus it's the exact same card type as my brother's which could pay just fine)

-Then we tried to buy KC with my brother's card on My account. That1 failed aswell with the same "Customer is not allowed to pay." Error message.

-Then i was like fuck it, told him to buy me the KC with his credit card on his account, it worked and he just sent me the stuffs i wanted.


But today it started to bug me, never had problems like this before so ran some tests to find out if it's related to my account or my credit card.

-Logged both of my brother's accounts and tried to buy KC there with MY credit card. Got the same error message.

-But here comes the twist, ever since then, even my brother cannot buy KC on his account with HIS credit card, due to the same error message.

-But he could log on a 4th (untouched) account, and could just buy KC fine with his credit card again.

[Me and my brother living in different cities, so we do not share the same IP adress]


So long story short, appearently i'm bugging any account i try to buy KC on with my own credit card for god know what reason.

If any more info needed please contact me and will gladly provide account infos etc.

The issue is pretty annoying, cuz now if we want to buy any KC, we have to buy it with his credit card, on the random 4th account and letter the PUS stuffs / KCs to ourselves.




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