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Weekend PK Server



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Hey Guys,


i've been talking about this with a few people and it seems its a good idea.


So i decide to reach out and get your opinion on the matter.


The idea is to have a weekly pk server (aside from the farm one (current)).


So, it would probably be 2 wars and a pk event every weekend.


The pk server stays up for only one day in the weekend before or after wars since wars are in the same day roughly.


Of course rewards....

highest nps clan & player up to you whether both sides or a margin of 1-3 or whatever we can work out that later.


Even gear and uniques can be discussed later whether it to be +10 items and +5 uniques or +9 and +2 or whatever.



Rewards may vary from items to apex points. Again can be discusses later.


So, what is this going to do or how will it help the server?


1- Give the players a general idea on how pk is going to be.


2- It will obviously show what classes are overpowered.


3- It will increase the activity and withdraw new joiners attention


4- Gives a scenary change to your daily workscope of "FISHING".


It may have more benfits as well. To me those are some.



Anyway, please feel free to elaborate & discuss.


-Triple A

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No, I don't even like the idea of the actual items renting for lunar wars.

It's a farm server and it is supposed to be like this, these things break up all the magic.


The server would have nothing to do with the farm server... its solo, STAND ALONE. its just to be used as an event... they will use the same server files same login server

everything is the same instead of going to apexko in the server menu in game before char screen, you'll go to say PK Event....thats it..


i'm not touching your precious farm server -.-


and to those saying splits up players ... how? its just for 1 day? they can decide for it to be even less like 12 Hours. after that the server would be down... thats it.. no access... go back to your fishing habits.

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