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Collection Race Improvement


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So the last few days as soon as Collection Race for kills comes up, the PK is insane and stays that way for a couple hours.

A quick suggestion would be to scale the Collection Race / it's rewards, an example follows below;


Level1: 100 Kills // Reward: Monster Stone & Red Chest (1 hour timer)

Level2: 200 Kills // Reward: Monster Stone & Green Chest (1 hour timer)

Level3: 300 Kills // Reward: Monster Stone & Blue Chest (1 hour timer)


Now you could EITHER have these as EXTRA kills, I.e to complete level 3 it's 300 kills in total and you'd have a maximum 3 hours to complete. 

Another alternative would be to do like 100 kills, this unlocks level 2 which is 150 kills, this then unlocks level 3 which is 200 kills extra.


Please note this is a rough guide, I've just noticed how it has boosted PK in CZ and personally yesterday completed the challenge over 2 times in the space of 1-2 hours. 


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