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Should room clear announcements in Juraid Mountain be used?


Should room clear announcements be used in Juraid Mountain?  

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Right now we have notices in chat & scrolling at the top whenever a nation clears a room, i.e. "The <nation> nation has cleared room X / 3."


It has been suggested, however, to remove this because it'd add unnecessary pressure to the other team:

2. I'd be against the "X nation has cleared Y room" because it'd add unnecessary pressure to the other team, causing anger, anxiety and maybe trolling.

We're personally in favour of these because they provide some indication of what the other team is doing (the event is intended to be/described as a race to the finish), but we'd like to get an idea what everyone else's opinion is on it before doing anything with it.



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I'm against it!


In moba games they've gone out of their way to hide any message that would undermine or encourage the opposite team for different reasons. As such, the following messages / tweaks have disappeared and took place respectively:


-You cannot see enemy borders on loading screen (would disencourage people thinking they're fighting people out of their league)

-You cannot see opposite team disconnection / reconnection messages. (quick let's overwhelm them while they're one down!)

-You cannot see enemy team surrender vote failures. (their morale is low, gogogo)


This is just an example to show how these messages or features affected the game flow. The Juraid message shouldn't be displayed IMO because as it happens too quickly it might give people in the other team the sensation of hopelessness and that there's no point trying anymore (because their loss is evident, still stuck in the first floor while "enemy nation cleared 3rd"), also because officially that didn't exist.


An additional reason would be: There's always that nice feeling of insecurity when you're first in the Deva Room... you don't know when the enemy will show up, or if they're already there while having stealthed scouts, so you're always watching your back. This message will make all what I described obsolete and add predictability to the most fun phase of this event!

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Well, I'm convinced. As does the poll (100% for yes!).


Small compromise, but I'll have the notice sent to that nation only (i.e. "You have cleared room x / y.").


Edit: This is done.

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