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Passion Warrior


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What the hell did you do to Warrior's Passion skill? They hit more than mages, 1,5k - 2k damage in aoe, it's impossible to play against

/edit: oh sorry it was meant to be posted in General Chat

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Much lower AoE and range than mages, needs torment and good investment (not only paper armor and +5 quest wep) to reach 1k+ damage, almost useless against attack warrior groups unlike mages while they're one shotting literally everyone, and good mage teams shit on them easily, so what's the problem? Maybe get some chitin armors or git gud lmao

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Fully geared Mage won't ever hit nearly as hard with nova as warrior does with that bullshit and some chits +6/7 & basic jewelry. All you need is a priest, rogue and 6 warriors, descend into a team and everyone's dead since you do more damage than 7 mages, you're also 5 times more tanky than a mage and you can even run in with the shield to make the gap further.

Almost everyone started running it right now instead of normal build, so don't tell me it's not busted, because it clearly is.

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IBrewZenx, 33 dakika önce yazdı:

as a Mage player I wanna share my opinion on this aswell. 

When mage's do their 8 Vs 8 battle with 60 nova's 1 priest can easily hold the party to be honest (which mage's have only around 3.8-4K hp) ,  while melee has minimum 2 priests (and a lot more HP) but this doesn't mean that mage's should still 1 nova melee and a good melee never dies to 60 nova in this server except if priests can't take a good 10k heal. 

Conclusion: So right now mage's are using paper + full MP ( Means FULLY Damage) means they can deal a lot of damage in 1 party but from the other side it's also normal warriors hitting great damage with AoE cause the lack of defense on mages. So Melee low resist < Mages and Mages defense < Melee .... there's nothing bad with the damage system this is the logic of Knight Online HARD Farm and low gear system a.k.a MYKO.

Suggestions like letting mage using chitin is bullshit cause they won't hit more than 500 with nova and it's against the logic of a mage team. While melee can easily gear them with FULLY STR. 

Mage party's start to use armors when Krowaz will be active and then they gonna wear Krowaz Armor but even if the defense of mage increases with the krowaz armor they'll still have low HP cause the amount of Intelligence you give to the armor and melee's gonna still 1 shot mages with their AOE. ( Mage has to give INT MP HP while Melee gives only STR HP or DEX HP).

I don't understand both side crying , for me to be honest when melee kill us with AoE I don't even care since it's normal we have only 500defense also .. when it comes to melee's they have to stop crying aswell cause their gear isn't enough to resist against the elemental damage. 

Leave how both classes are right this for "now" cause both side suck with no accessories yet. 


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TOOL, Şimdi yazdı:

I told chitins for bad mage players lol. In this situation, group with fast response wins the fight, kill or die. Just give us lvl 80 and it'll be okay since damages are balanced for 80+ lvl pk.

With the +80 lvl pk you think melee's won't 1 shot mages ? 

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19 hours ago, TOOL said:

I say both side will have equal chance to win the fight. 1k+ nova damage for 5k health is mehh. Mage teams can spread and get the heal while we need to descend and vulnerable to this absurd nova damages.

Sad but true making more then 1k dmg with nova it's just stupid there's not even decent vs btw mages just who shot first nova will get everything lmao..(range nova it's just fantasy not even risk to get Abit closer just novaing from folk village will allow u 2 kill at least 20 player, on right timing ofc otherwise if there's not right timing u ll be allowed 2 kill just 10 players np.) still most people like it so don't need nerf mage class but need at least better cap for better HP even if they let the farm like that..

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