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My Suggestions


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So, these are my suggestions and if I upset you, you'll get over it.


  • Remove the NP loss in CZ or Change the %hp that you can town at. I don't know why people town when it's over a measly 50nps. I've never played a server with no NP loss, but heck, who knows how it'll turn out? What would be the big deal or consequence to removing it anyway? Kinda like a WoW-ish feel to it. Might encourage more fights to happen, a fight to the death kinda mentality. 
  • Drop %percentages. I personally feel Moradon, Delos, EMC, Lufer are at a good state, but I feel CZ is lacking. I've sunk a lot of hours so far into this wipe and there are so many mobs that are not even being looked at. Balrog, Titan, Booro. These are usually the go-to farm in official but here, they're a nothing. The daily quests (which I love) just aren't rewarding enough to sit on them. I personally feel a decent increase to CZ drops would not only help with more farming, but would actually not want me to neck myself for getting 5 buses in 1hr just to fail my item to +7.
  • The above goes for Bifrost also, although the Bifrost just now felt better on mobs under Sloth.
  • The upgrade rates, I'm personally happy with. What the miserable part is that you just can't get the BUS's to warrant a massive upgrade session, and when old mate Stone sets taxes to 20%, no one's buying shit from Charon.

Like I said, these are mine and happy to discuss improvements. This server is good but I feel a clear roadmap would be ideal at the moment, eg: When's level80 happening, and if it was to happen soon, I promise you it won't break the server.

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  • Administrators

Thank you for the suggestions,

Regarding the NP loss in Ronark Land - this is not something we're currently considering.
Regarding drop rates in Ronark Land - currently drop rates in Ronark Land are already higher than their counterparts in other zones, as such we're not currently considering increasing rates.
Regarding Bifrost - these were addressed.
Regarding BUS - this is not something we're currently looking to address, as the market will balance itself (c) Capitalism

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