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Level 60 Job change on 2nd Char


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I have a level 70 warrior that I leveled first. It has 70 skill open but no scream. 

I am currently leveling a rogue (Level 64 atm) and did the first level 10 job change in moradon, then attempted to get the level 60 quest from mast skaki, but it is not available, and he says hes going to teach me scream on my rogue.

Both chars on same account.

***Can not get the level 60 quest on my lvl 64 rogue.... first job change has been completed******

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  • Turkish Game Master


For the rogue class quests, you should visit [Secret Agent] Clarence in Bellua Village if you are Karus or Asga if you are El Morad.

Additionally, you must have one of the scrolls below in order to use the mastery level 2 ability, there is one for each class, Scream Scroll is for Warrior, Magic Shield Scroll is for Rogue, Absolute Power Scroll is for Mage and Judgment Scroll is for Priests.


Master 62.png

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