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Fraud in minin


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I am very disappointed because I spent my money in the game buying items to mine and after 12 hours I managed to have 44 mistery of ode and when changing them I got chitin, crimson, different items for rogue, warrior, priest and mage; but unfortunately most of my items are not for my wizard and i should be able to trade or sell them but they are block to do it. This is unfair and lacks judgment


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That is true    but should be able to at least npc the items  as it does cost to get a golden ..   The mage stones on a priest  or glave  md on a mage  the small coin can add up to pot  even the chitin crimson received being sold for max 1 m  isnt much difference to market as its not huge amounts received with the lower drop rate..

The golden mattock should be major reduced price  as the reward rate is very low on the drops like 1 in 5 if lucky  and can take 4 to 5 hours to get them drops...


With that the drop rate is good dont want mining to be a big part of the game but if charging for the golden Mattock should be able to receive items required for your char  or be allowed to sell the low priced items to someone who does want or need ...


Its never going to make anyone rich mining  and wont damage the market as much as make account  go area get free MS then sell drop is doing 

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