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Some bugs & Suggestions


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Hello Everyone, 

I'm IErichVonVoltaire.

Yellows are suggestions and Greens are bugs. 


- Certiface of Victory must be stored to Inn Hostess.You fixed stack problem.But we were get that item before it's fixed.



- 70 Quest Mob's respawn time must be 10 min.

- 50th Key's respawn time must be 1 min.

- Opal , Sapphire and Crystal is very hard.You should drop it to Monster Stone Last Monster with %15 drop rate.

- You should create a new daily quest and new item.Item's name is '' Monster Stone Material ''.So if you give to NPC 5x Monster Stone Materials , you would get 1 Monster Stone.Monster Stone Material should be drops in Cz Dark Stone's with %50 drop rate.


- All premium's needs to re-skill and re-stat as free.Because there is a only Switch Premium in PUS.My friend lost 44m some time when he re-skill.Because he was on Exp Premium.

- Eslant Quests must give more exp.Please add +10 million exp for all quests.

- You should give Starter Pack for new users.Example Half Walkyrie (like 100 hp armor , 50 hp helmet) Half Pathos Gloves (like %1 attack) , Wing of Eagle EXP , non-tradable 1000x 960 mana and 720 HP Potion.Because server need new users.

- Please add Daily 70 Quest for Cz.It can be like kill 150 Evil Wizard , 150 Dark Knight

- We need to re-skill and re-stat every where.You should make it like below photos.



- Quest Opal , Sapphire , Crystal drop inventory as seperate.

- All Mobs are agressive.Even if you don't attack them , they're coming behind of you to the hell.This about all mobs in the server.


- Chitins , Mirage Dagger etc. this middle class Items must be upgrade with Middle Class Upgrade Scroll.



Best Regards 


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